Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East

9/11 Commemoration Service

veteran.jpgOn September 11, 2019, Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East in Hyden help a Commemoration Service. Those who took part included DAV Post 133, Mayor Carol Joseph and the City of Hyden, Mountain View Elementary School (Grades 5th & 8th), Hannah & Hailey Joseph from Leslie County High School, and the Leslie County High School Band. We remember... . 

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Fourth of July Aerial Photos

veteran.jpgKenneth Jones took these drone photos over Fourth of July weekend at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East in Hyden. . 

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Indigent Veteran Buried With Honor

veteran.jpgThanks in part to the efforts of the staff at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East, a veteran who died in Hazard last week far from his family received a dignified interment, with full burial honors, surrounded by more than 100 people he never knew, but nevertheless showed up to honor his service. “Family is more than just blood,” KVCSE Director Vaughda Wooten said. And on Monday in Hyden, it showed. Maggard Funeral Home donated the casket, and Kentucky's Indigent Veteran Burial Program covered the funeral costs. 

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Memorial Day Ceremony 11 a.m. Monday, May 27, 2019

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KVCSE Carillon Dedicated

Since 2007, Joe Doebler of AMVETS worked tirelessly to ensure that all five Kentucky State Veterans Cemeteries had a carillon sponsored by the AMVETS National Service Foundation. Doebler died this year before the KVCSE Carillon was installed, but his spirit was evoked on Thursday, Dec. 13, by all the speakers, who remembered his long service - 65 years - to serving the veterans of Kentucky. 

At left are KVCSE Director Vaughda Wooten and KDVA Cemeteries Executive Director Jeff Acob.

Wreaths at KVCSE

On Saturday, Dec. 8, Kentucky's newest state Veterans Cemetery held its first Wreaths Ceremony. Veterans, family and friends turned out to place wreaths donated by local businesses. The wreaths were donated by Hometown Pharmacy (Derek Lewis), The Law Office of Brian Couch (Brian Couch & Johnathan Fugate), Gay Excavating, and Mountain Florist. The people who helped place the wreaths areFred & Tina Fugate, Tasha Boggs-Gay & Hayden Gay, Holly Napier, Charlie & Carol Fields, Derek, Brittany, & Athena Lewis, and not pictured was Eugenia Napier.

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 Meet Vaughda Wooten, Director of Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East

The director of Kentucky's fifth State Veterans Cemetery is a retired Army First Sergeant and Desert Storm veteran.  After 22 years in the military, she taught Senior ROTC at the University of California at Santa Barabara (UCSB) and Junior ROTC in Mason County and Elliott County.  She is a native of Perry County, just next door to KVCSE's home in Leslie County.
"This work is exactly what I want to do now," she says.  "I can't imagine anything better than making sure that all veterans receive the honor of a dignified interment."

Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East
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