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​Public Hearing​

Tuesday November 28, 2023 at 11 AM is LRC's Public Meeting and Public Comment Period.  KDVA will have two administrative regulations presented during the meeting: 17 KAR 6.020 Women Veterans and 17 KAR 6.030 Wounded or Disabled Veterans.

17 KAR 6.020 (PDF, 272 KB)

17 KAR 6.030 (PDF, 218 KB)​

For those wishing to submit public comments reference the following link:

Latest PACT ACT Dashboard News​

VA PACT Act Dashboard Issue 9 June 23.pdf

VA PACT Act Issue 9 Congressional District Supplement.pdf

Flier about KDVA Veterans Claims Clinic services event. Jan 25, 9AM to 6PM, Radcliff, KY.