Indigent Burial​

        To provide reimbursement to a cemetery or funeral home for costs incurred burying an indigent veteran.  Maximum reimbursement shall not exceed $1,000 per indigent veteran.

Legal Authority:  17 KAR 4:040.

Eligibility and Approval:

  • Deceased shall be a veteran as defined by 38 U.S.C. 101(2) and verified by discharge records
  • Deceased shall have died in Kentucky
  • Deceased shall have been indigent at time of death
    • Deceased's estate did not possess money or other assets to pay for or defray funeral expenses;
    • No person obligated by law to pay for funeral expenses of the deceased;
    • A diligent effort was given by the funeral home, cemetery, veteran service organization, or other entity to obtain funds from both public and private sources to pay for the funeral expenses of the deceased.
  • Priority shall be given to an indigent veteran whose records indicate the veteran had established Kentucky residency prior to death. 
    • Military service records, the deceased's driver's license, or another official record clearly showing the deceased was a Kentucky resident will be used to establish residency.
  • Every effort shall be made to seek burial in a state or federal veteran cemetery before any other cemetery is considered.
  • The Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs or designee shall make final approval of an Indigent Veteran Burial Application.
    • Approval authority determines whether the deceased meets eligibility criteria and approves funds to defray burial costs.

      How To Apply: 
  • Fill out KDVA Form 6, Indigent Veteran Burial Application (which may be obtained from a Kentucky State Veterans Cemetery or can be downloaded from KDVA's website at the link provided above.