Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cemeteries 

1.How do I obtain a Burial Space?

Like National Cemeteries, Kentucky Veterans Cemeteries does not reserve burial spaces.  The next available burial space will be used at the time of need.  An Application for Eligibility may be completed and returned with a copy of one of the documents listed on the leaflet entitled “Eligibility".  Once eligibility has been determined, this paperwork will remain on file until the time of need.  Completing an application for eligibility can help avoid confusion and possible delays, as well as save family members from the stress of searching for documents as they are grieving.  To obtain an Application for Eligibility, please contact your local cemetery director.

2.What Is The Cost For Burial At A Kentucky Veterans Cemetery?

Our services are provided at no cost to eligible veterans because we collect the VA Burial Allowance.  A flat fee of $500 is assessed for interment of veterans' spouses or other eligible dependents.  For a complete description of services provided, please refer to the leaflet entitled “Services".

3.Does Kentucky Veterans Cemeteries Provide Caskets Or Urns?

No.  Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North does provide an optional grave liner for caskets, but the family must purchase a casket or urn with the assistance of their funeral director. 

4.Does Kentucky Veterans Cemeteries Perform Embalming or Cremation Services?

No.  These services must be arranged with a funeral director prior to the arrival of the remains to the cemetery.  The funeral director will also arrange for transportation of the remains to the cemetery. 

5.Are Spouses Of Veterans Eligible For Interment At A Kentucky Veterans Cemetery?

Yes.  Spouses and veterans share one burial space with caskets placed one on top of the other.  A single upright marble headstone is provided with the veteran's information on the front and the spouse's on the back.

6.What Options Do You Offer For Interment Of Cremated Remains?

Space is provided in a niche in the columbarium wall for the veteran's remains plus those of the veteran's spouse.  The veteran's information, along with the name and dates of birth and death for the veteran's spouse, are inscribed on a flat marble niche cover.  In-ground interment of cremated remains may be selected instead of a columbarium wall niche.  A single upright marble headstone is provided with the veteran's information on the front and the spouse's on the back.  Arrangements can also be made for in-ground interment of cremated remains atop the burial space of a casketed spouse.​

Have any more questions? Contact your local cemetery director! ​