Homeless Veterans


KDVA Homeless Veterans Program is a proven, successful program that gets homeless veterans off the streets and provides assistance to those at imminent risk of homelessness by connecting them with resources across the state. Resources include but are not limited to:
Immediate needs - food, clothing, access to shelter
access to homeless veteran providers 
assistance with Rent and Utilities

A veteran's first connection should be with the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at (877) 4AID-VET (877-424-3838) for assistance. If Veterans do not have access to a phone or the internet, only then can they visit their closest VA medical center without calling in advance.  For more information on VA's fight for homelessness, please visit their website. VA Homeless Program

Margaret Raymond
Homeless Veteran Program 
Administrative Specialist
Office: 502-782-5738
Cell: 502-352-3120
Fax to 502-573-1420 

Due to the overwhelming requests for assistance, KDVA is making the following changes effective January 1, 2024.  

All requests for financial assistance will now be directed to the KDVA website.  

Please verify qualification, if you meet the criteria then complete the attached application.
No payments can be sent out of state for rent or security deposits.  Utility usage must be in Kentucky.  (we understand that checks are mailed to other states for payment).  

Gathering the needed documents is your responsibility.  KDVA is no longer able to talk with landlords, property owners or attorneys on your behalf.

Must submit a full copy of the utility bill, screen shots are not acceptable. 

Gather the mandatory support documents and submit with the application at one time. 
KDVA is no longer able to provide temporary shelter in a hotel or motel.  ​

Veteran Homeless Prevention Grant Application Process

1) Verify that you are qualified for the program.

2) Complete the fillable application, save as a .pdf and send with a copy of the discharge / DD-214, photo ID, and utility or rent letter.
Click the link to download the Veteran Grant Application FY 2024 (PDF)​.

3) Grant can only be used once per calendar year.  

4) Please submit a completed packet with everything attached to:

Qualifications: Character of Discharge, Income Level and Immediate Need. 

Character of Discharge: 

Service in the United States Armed Forces and received a discharge under conditions other than dishonorable. Must provide a copy of a DD-214 along with a photo ID.

Income Level: 

Below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level
​Family Size

Yearly Income

Monthly Income

​Single Veteran
​1 Dependent
​2 Dependents
​3 Dependents
​4 Dependents
​5 Dependents
​6 Dependents
​7 Dependents
​8 Dependents

The fund can only pay for rent, electric, gas, water, and deposits for rental or utility up to $500.00
* we cannot pay for a mortgage, phones, internet, cable or car payments or repairs.  ​

Immediate Need: 

Must provide a copy of the utility bill or a detailed letter from a property owner / landlord regarding security deposits and rent payments.

The written verification for rent must state the address of the rental; the occupants on the lease and the monthly rent amount.  The program can pay $500.00 if the rent is more the letter must state they will accept a partial payment. Must include who to make the check out to and the address to mail directly to the landlord or property owner. 

IF you have an eviction, it is your responsibility to talk with the proprietor and get written verification to KDVA that they will accept this payment.  

For a security deposit, we need written verification other than a lease to pay.  Please provide a letter in writing telling the program who to make the check out to and the address to mail directly to the landlord or property owner. 

Follow up:

Applications that are completed and sent with discharge or DD-214, photo ID and utility or rent letter will be processed first. 

If we have to search and find your application and documents in several e-mails, it will increase the processing time. 

The payments are made via a check sent by Commonwealth Finance Department and will take 5-7 business days to process once a completed claim is submitted for payment.   

​Contact Us About Homeless Veterans​​

Example: 555-555-5555

Example: example@kentucky.gov


​Eileen Ward

Homeless Veteran Program Administrator


Office: 502-782-5730