Initial Appointment Checklist

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What Do I Need to Bring to My Initial Appointment?

Thank you for choosing the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA) as your accredited representative to assist you with your claim. We have a long history of advocacy and successful representation of veterans and their family members seeking benefits and services from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Our Benefits Representatives are well trained, accredited, and highly skilled at developing and prosecuting veterans’ claims. Please bring as many of the following documents with you as you can to help us prepare your initial claim for veterans' benefits. 

Copy of DD214 or other separation papers for all periods of service
Copies of your marriage certificate and all divorce decrees
Copies of the public birth records for each child you claim as a dependent
A copy of all service medical records you have
Medical records you have showing you currently have this disability (diagnosis)
Medical records you have indicating the disability was caused by or happened during your active military service ​​