Kentucky Tuition Waiver

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is a Dependent Tuition Waiver?

 A waiver of tuition is an education benefit provided by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for children, stepchildren, spouses, and un-remarried widows & widowers;  in recognition of the honorable service and sacrifice of eligible Kentucky veterans.   An approved tuition waiver means a student may attend any two-year, four-year, or vocational-technical schools that are operated and funded by the Kentucky Department of Education.   Private or out-of-state schools do not qualify for the Tuition Waiver. 


You may qualify if one of the following is true of the veteran:

  • Died on active duty.
  • Died as a direct result of a service-connected disability as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • 100% service-connected disabled.
  • Totally disabled (non-service-connected) with wartime service as deemed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense.
  • Is deceased and lived in KY at the time of death and served during a wartime period.
  • Award from Social Security Administration is not acceptable.​

Special Requirements:

  •  The veteran must be a CURRENT resident of the state of KY
  •  The veteran must have been a resident at the time of Death.
  •  Kentucky residency of the Applicant is not necessary but must attend in-person or online classes at a qualifying  Kentucky College. ​​


Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I apply for the waiver?

Do not submit the waiver application until you have been accepted at the KY state-funded college or university of your choice and are absolutely sure that you will be attending that school.  

What does the waiver cover?

The waiver exempts the student from paying tuition ONLY.  It does not cover room and board or books and fees.

What is the difference between the Tuition Waiver and Chapter 35?

The Tuition Waiver is a Kentucky state benefit and simply exempts you from paying tuition and Chapter 35 is a federal educational benefit that takes the form of a monthly cash stipend.  You may apply for Chapter 35 online  VA Online Application    Questions about your Chapter 35 benefits should be directed to 888-GIBILL1.

How long does it take to process the waiver application?

Allow at least 30 days for processing.

How will I receive the waiver?

The waiver will be emailed to you and the school you have selected?

What if I want to change schools?

If you elect to change schools once the waiver has been issued, it is your responsibility to arrange for the waiver to be transferred from the first school to the new school.  The original school must advise your new school regarding how much waiver entitlement is remaining.

When does the waiver expire (does not apply to KRS 164.505 waiver)?

The waiver expires when one of the following occurs:

              You receive a degree or certificate OR

              You utilize the waiver for 45 months of classes OR

              You turn 26 (child only)​

I have turned 26 and need one more semester to graduate; is it possible to get a waiver to use the waiver past the age of 26?

In most cases, the answer is no.  The only possible extension for the waiver is for students who have been on active duty in the military.​

Questions About Tuition Waivers?


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