Veteran Identification

 The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is now issuing Veteran ID Cards (VICs).

Only those Veterans with honorable service will be able to apply for the ID card which will provide proof of military service, and may be accepted by retailers in lieu of the standard DD-214 form to obtain promotional discounts and other services where offered to Veterans.

The VIC provides a more portable and secure alternative for those who served the minimum obligated time in service, but did not meet the retirement or medical discharge threshold. Veterans who served in the armed forces, including the reserve components, and who have a discharge of honorable or general (under honorable conditions) can request a VIC.

To request a VIC, Veterans must visit, click on “Apply for Printed Veteran ID Card” on the bottom of the page and sign in or create an account.

Veterans who apply for a card should receive it within 60 days and can check delivery status of their cards at

The Veteran-Designated Kentucky Driver’s License is also available to honorably discharged veterans.  It is available at your Circuit Clerk’s office at no charge when you renew your Driver’s License, or for a small fee between renewals.