Veteran Identification

Many businesses and organizations are kind enough to offer discounts to veterans and/or members of the military.  KDVA thanks these businesses and organizations for honoring and helping veterans this way.  We wish to make clear, however, that most veterans do not carry official ID cards identifying them as veterans.

There is, in fact, no such thing as an official veteran ID card.  Members of the active-duty military and veterans who retired from the military have official ID, but most veterans do not.

This is why in 2012 Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed legislation authorizing a designation of “Veteran” on driver’s licenses held by veterans.  To obtain a license with the Veteran Designation, a veteran must present her/his discharge document (DD-214) to the Circuit Clerk, who will verify that the veteran is eligible for the Veteran Designation. The Veteran Designation driver’s license is thus a government-approved and –authorized identification in place of the DD-214 or other discharge document. The Commonwealth of Kentucky officially designates the Veteran Designation driver’s license as valid and sufficient identification for veterans.

If your business or organization requires identification for veterans to receive a discount, KDVA strongly urges you to accept Kentucky’s veteran Designation driver’s license in lieu of a a copy of the veteran's discharge document, or DD-214. Both the Veteran Designation driver’s license and the DD-214 verify the veteran's service and is sufficient proof of veteran status. You may also accept a VA healthcare card, which also verifies veteran status, or a membership card for a Veterans Service Organization like VFW, AMVETS, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and others.

If you are a veteran seeking to use your Veterans Designation driver’s license to obtain discounts from businesses, please be aware of the following:
• The Veteran Designation driver’s license is new and not all businesses are familiar with it.  If a business questions the Veteran Designation, please have the manager call KDVA at 502-564-9203.

• Some businesses offer veteran discounts only to certain categories of veterans, such as disabled veterans, or only at certain times of year, such as Veterans Day.  Please check with the management of the local store to determine your eligibility for discounts.