Saluting Veterans on Veterans Day

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​No holiday says “America” the way Veterans Day does.On this day we celebrate not just our freedom, our independence, our democracy, but the sacrifices made to achieve them. We honor those who fought on our behalf, in our defense, for our freedom. We thank those who sacrificed their time, their health, their lives. We pray for those who now serve at home, overseas, and in harm’s way. Freedom isn’t free, independence isn’t forever, and democracy isn’t for the faint of heart. The blessings of America have been brought to us by our veterans.  Our thanks, our gratitude, our honor and our blessings to all of them.​​

Veterans Day Observance in Kentucky

KRS 158.075 Veterans Day observance in public schools:

All public schools shall observe Veterans Day under this section.

(1) On Veterans Day, or one (1) of the five (5) school days preceding Veterans Day, one (1) class or instructional period shall be devoted to the observance of Veterans Day.

(2) Students shall assemble in one (1) or more groups, as decided by the school principal, to attend the Veterans Day program.

(3) The program shall be approved by the principal and, at a minimum, shall consist of a teacher and a veteran speaking on the meaning of Veterans Day.

(4) To develop a Veterans Day program, Kentucky public schools are encouraged to seek advice from the Kentucky Department of Veterans' Affairs and veterans' service organizations, including but not limited to the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars​

Veterans Day 2021 events happening in Louisville, Kentucky

American Flag Display

(1) The flag of the United States shall be displayed on the main administration buildings of every public institution, and, during school days, either from the flagstaff or, in inclement weather, within the school building of every schoolhouse.

(2) The flag, with staff or flagpole, shall be provided for every schoolhouse

(3) All official flags of the United States purchased by a public institution shall be ​manufactured in​ the United States.​​​

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