Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North

No Memorial Day Ceremony at KVCN

This year, there will be no Memorial Day Ceremony at KVCN, due to restrictions from the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

The cemetery will be open to visitors who observe the 10-person group limit and who maintain physical distancing of six feet from each other. There will be grave flags at each headstone and the carillon will play patriotic music. KVCN staff will be present at the Administrative Building to direct visitors to specific grave. 

KDVA Commissioner Keith Jackson sends this message: 

This Memorial Day, we will be remembering our veterans who have passed not by gathering by the hundreds at veterans cemeteries, not by bringing large groups of family and friends to place flowers on graves, not by crowding together to hear speeches, but by staying apart to protect each other and the nation those veterans died to preserve. 

We do not have to attend big ceremonies to honor our fallen heroes – we can honor them in our homes. We do not have to hear patriotic music to remember what they did – we see the success of their sacrifice around us every day. On this Memorial Day, take strength and determination and renewed commitment from their example, and keep fighting to save all our loved ones from the pandemic that threatens us all. 

I remind you to join Americans everywhere for the Memorial Day National Moment of Remembrance, legislated by Congress and proclaimed by the President, on Monday, May 25 at three o’clock. Wherever you are, please pause for one minute in this act of national unity to demonstrate your gratitude and respect for those who died for our freedom. 

Wreaths Ceremony Dec. 14

small Simmons Friends and Family.jpgKentucky Veterans Cemetery North's Wreaths for KVCN Veterans will be held at 10 a.m. on December 14, 2019.

Aerial photos of KVCN

Interview with Cathy Taylor, KVCN Director

Congratulations to KVCN: Highest-Scoring State Veterans Cemetery in Nation 

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug 9, 2019) – After a meticulous two-day inspection by the National Cemetery Administration (NCA), Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North (KVCN) scored 96 – the highest score of any state veterans cemetery in the country. 

“The very highest standards are what we strive to reach every day,” said Benjamin Adams, Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, which operates five state veterans cemeteries in Kentucky. “NCA standards are exacting and their inspectors famously strict. To achieve this highest score in the nation is an enormous accomplishment. “Congratulations to KVCN Director Cathy Taylor and all of her staff for their exceptional work.” 

A team of inspectors from NCA visited KVCN on July 24-25. Five highly trained professionals skilled in all aspects of cemetery operations examined KVCN to ensure the cemetery is operating in compliance with the rigorous NCA guidelines. 

They reviewed KVCN in five critical areas: interment operations; grounds maintenance; headstone, markers and niche cover maintenance; equipment maintenance; and other operational standards. They measured the cemetery’s performance on each of the 93 applicable standards using a combination of documentation review, in-person interviews of cemetery staff, visual inspection, and a statistical sampling of gravesites. 

Based on the results of the on-site review, the cemetery earned 89 points out of a possible 93 for an overall compliance percentage of 96%. Based on NCA’s compliance measurement criteria, the cemetery was found to be compliant with the terms and conditions of its VA cemetery grant awards. 

After this inspection, KVCN currently sits as the top-rated State Veteran Cemetery in the country for 2019. 

KVCN was dedicated in August 2008. Most of the staff has been working at KVCN since that day. “The cemetery’s staff stability and dedication is directly reflected in these positive results,” said Al Duncan, KDVA’s Director of Cemetery Services. The staff includes: • Cathy Taylor, Director • Chris Hammonds, Maintenance Superintendent • Elizabeth King, Administrative Specialist III • Jerry Morris, Caretaker II • Devin Hurley, Caretaker II • Roger Sturdivant Temp Caretaker

Memorial Day at KVCN

flags and headstones.JPG

More than 300 people attended the Memorial Day ceremony at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North in Williamstown May 27. The guest speaker was Rick Schad, KDVA Chief of Staff.

Memorial Day Ceremony at KVCN 11 a.m. Monday, May 27, 2019

2019 Memorial Day.jpg

Wreaths at KVCN


On Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018, veterans, family and friends placed hundreds of wreaths on headstones and columbarium walls at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North in Williamstown to honor the fallen.

Gold Star Families Memorial Groundbreaking


On Wednesday, Oct. 17, Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North in Williamstown hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for a Gold Star Families Memorial to be installed on the grounds. KDVA Commissioner Ben Adams and Medal of Honor recipient Hershel Woody Wiliams were the guest speakers. KVCN is partnershing with the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation to raise money for the memorial.

Patriotism Service at KVCN


On Sunday, September 16, 45 members of University of Kentucky chapter of Alpha Sigma Pi came to Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Williamstown to perform community service on their Annual Patriotism Day. They cleaned all 795 headstones, plus benches, monuments, road signs and even windows. This was the third year in a row the fraternity has made KVCN the beneficiary of their service, and each year more members participate.

KVCN Entrance.JPG
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Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North is located on 99 acres off I-75 at mile marker 154 in Williamstown. It opened August 22, 2008. As of July 9, 2014, KVCN has interred 752 veterans and 136 dependents. It is honored to be the resting place for 2 service members killed in action.  

Columbarium Wall

Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North                  
205 Eibeck Lane                                                     
Williamstown, KY 41097                                         
Phone: 859-823-0720                                              
Fax:  859-824-0324

According to Kentucky law, the individual must be a Kentucky veteran for burial at one of the state veteran cemeteries.  Examples include: born in KY, served at one of the U.S. military installations in KY, lived in KY, home of record in KY.

Hours of Operation

Kentucky's State Veterans Cemeteries are open to the public 24 hours, seven days a week.  Normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, not including state holidays.  Interments take place on non-holiday weekdays only.  Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are reserved for families and loved ones of those interred to visit in peace and quiet.

Total interment services include:
  • Furnishing grave or columbarium space
  • Opening and closing the grave
  • Providing the interment site with perpetual care
  • Supplying a suitable marker or headstone
  • Furnishing an optional concrete grave liner for casketed burials