Veterans in Kentucky

Kentucky Veteran Population by War Era
As of September 2013, there were approximately 339,000 veterans living in Kentucky.  Of those:

  • About 18,000 served during World War II
  • About 30,000 served during the Korean War
  • About 111,000 served during the Vietnam War
  • About 94,000 served during the Gulf War
  • About 91,000 served during peacetime
  • About 308,000 are men
  • About 31,000 are women

Federal VA Expenditures in Kentucky, FY 2011

VA exp FY 13 graph.jpg

Federal VA expenditures in Kentucky totaled $1.9 billion in the 2013 fiscal year.
That is a significant contribution to Kentucky's economy.

 Graph showing increase in VA expenditures in Kentucky

The most populated age group of living veterans in Kentucky is between 60 and 64.

Compensation and Pension Paid to Kentucky Veterans 2007 to 2012

Compensation and Pension paid to Kentucky Veterans
Compensation and Pension paid by the federal VA to Kentucky veterans
has grown significantly, reflecting efforts of KDVA staff to ensure all Kentucky
veterans receive the benefits they have earned.