Gold Star License Plate

One of the first Kentucky Gold Star Mother plates reads "My Son"Kentucky issued the first license plates honoring Gold Star Mothers – parents whose children have died in military service - with individualized plates in a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda in April 2006.  Since the start of this program through December 2012, KDVA has presented more than 115 Gold Star license plates. KDVA continues to present the plates in an individual ceremony to each Gold Star Mother, Father, and Spouse who requests one.
 Three-year-old daughter of one of the Kentucky's first Iraq War casualties holds the license plate honoring her father
 In 2007, the General Assembly waived the license plate fee for up to two special Gold Star license plates for each recipient. However, recipients must still pay the annual motor vehicle tax.

New Gold Star Sibling License Plate Available January 4, 2016

Beginning January 4, 2016, a Gold Star Sibling license plate will become available to individuals whose sibling died while serving the country in the United States Armed Forces. To honor their deceased loved ones, the creation of the plate was established by House Bill 209, passed by the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly.  The Gold Star Sibling plate will be available for passenger vehicles and motorcycles. For purposes of this legislation, “sibling” means a sibling by blood, a sibling by half-blood, a sibling by adoption, or a stepsibling.
As with other military plates, there are restrictions.  To receive the plate, a Gold Star Sibling Affidavit must be completed and submitted to the Kentucky Department of Veterans’ Affairs (KDVA).  Applicants must include full name, address, email and phone number, as well as verification of the service member's death while on active duty.  Such verification can be a DD Form 1300 or other third-party verification such as contemporary newspaper articles.  KDVA will confirm eligibility and provide a letter of qualification directly to the county clerk office on behalf of the license plate applicant.

How to Request a Gold Star Mother/Father/Spouse License Plate 

To request a Gold Star Mother/Father/Spouse license plate, simply mail or fax a copy of the official Department of Defense death notice or death certificate (DD Form 1300) of the service member to:
Jeffrey Acob
Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs
1111B Louisville Rd.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Office 502-564-9203
Fax 502-564-9240
KDVA will notify the appropriate County Clerk that the Gold Star Mother/Father/Spouse is eligible for the license plate.  KDVA will then notify the Gold Star Mother/Father/Spouse that she/he may request the plate from the County Clerk, and specify the personalization.  The Department of Motor Vehicles in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will notify KDVA when the license plate is available.  KDVA will then present the license plate to the Gold Star Mother/Father/Spouse at a time and place of her/his choosing.  
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