Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East

March Construction

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March 13-15 photos here.

Construction Advancing Quickly

Check Presentation 15.jpgAfter rain delays in January, construction at KVCSE in Hyden made up time in February and March.

January Photos

February Photos

More February Photos

‚Äč$6 Million Check Presentation

Check Presentation 15.jpgFederal VA representative George Eisenbach, director of the Veterans Cemetery Grant Program, presented a check for $6 million to Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton in a ceremony at the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music in Hyden Jan. 11.  More than 100 veterans, family and friends from Leslie and surrounding counties turned out to celebrate and support the new cemetery, as well as local, state and federal officials.

More Photos

Two Videos from WYMT here and here

Latest Construction Photos from KVCSE in HydenKVCSE Logo.jpg

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Pictures taken December 14-29 by KVCSE Director Vaughda Wooten

More photos here.

Kentucky's Fifth State Veterans Cemetery Under Construction in Hyden

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Despite a short delay after heavy rains, construction at KVCSE advances daily. Director Vaughda Wooten took new pictures December 2-13 of the construction underway at the cemetery site in Hyden.

New photos here.

 Meet Vaughda Wooten, Director of Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East

The director of Kentucky's fifth State Veterans Cemetery is a retired Army First Sergeant and Desert Storm veteran.  After 22 years in the military, she taught Senior ROTC at the University of California at Santa Barabara (UCSB) and Junior ROTC in Mason County and Elliott County.  She is a native of Perry County, just next door to KVCSE's home in Leslie County.
"This work is exactly what I want to do now," she says.  "I can't imagine anything better than making sure that all veterans receive the honor of a dignified interment."

Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East
1280 KY Highway 118 (Tim Couch Pass)
Hyden, KY  41749